From our humble beginnings in March 2007, when co-founder of OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH) Javier Loya moved from being CEO of Houston-based energy firm Choice Brokerage and then acquired Choice Natural Gas, LP and Choice Power, LP to today, OTCGH has been about growth. Nearly every month for the past decade, there have been additions to the OTCGH team of companies and the global commodities powerhouse continues to thrive and grow.

For years, we have been leading the industry in offering actionable and timely market data and brokerage support and continue to grow our partnerships with data aggregators and independent brokerage firms to this day. Our advanced trading analytics are now used by large corporations and individual investors in the energy commodity space around the world, and our client list includes some of the most impressive names in the industry.

We are continuing to push and grow, rewriting what it means to be an independent institutional broker of commodities, with offices around the world from Chicago, New York, and New Jersey, to London, Geneva, and Singapore. We are now a leading liquidity provider on ICE and CME, and serve more than 450 institutional clients.

OTC Global Holdings formed by Javier Loya
Choice Natural Gas & Power
Acquires Choice Natural Gas & Choice Power
PVO Energy
Forms PVO Energy
Barrel Energy
Acquires Black Barrel Energy
Elite Brokers
Acquires Elite Brokers
Power Merchants Group
Acquires Power Merchants Group
EOX Holdings
Forms EOX Holdings and introduces EOXLive interactive, webbased trading platform.
Valence Energy
Forms Valence Energy
Choice Environmental
Forms Choice Environmental
Paradigm Brokers
Forms Paradigm Brokers
Pinnacle Derivatives & ION Energy
Forms Pinnacle Derivatives Group & ION Energy Group
Riviera Commodities
Forms Riviera Commodities
Futures International
Acquires stake in Futures International
First CME-Cleared Snowfall Trade
Choice Environmental LLC Brokers First CME-Cleared Snowfall Trade
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur
Javier Loya named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Award Winner in Houston and Gulf Coast Area
OTC Energy Market Data
EOX Holdings Unveils OTC Energy Market Data Offering
OTC Europe
Forms OTC Europe, LLP with two new divisions (Ion Energy and P&P Oil)
Northeast Power Brokerage
Forms Northeast Power Brokerage Desk
Broker of the Year
Named 2011 “Broker of the Year” by Energy Risk
Equus Energy Group
Forms Equus Energy Group
OTC market data
Collaborates with CME Group to deliver industry’s first on-demand OTC market data
GlobalView adds EOX Holdings
GlobalView adds EOX Holdings’ over-the-counter forward curves
Freight Derivatives Desk
OTC Europe launches freight derivatives desk
Announces partnership with TheStreet
Natural Gas
Launches Natural Gas and Power Forward Curves & Implied Volatilities products
Natural Gas Liquids
Launches Natural Gas Liquids Forward Curves
Alpha Energy
Forms Alpha Energy
Refined Products
Launches Refined Products Forward Curves
Alpha Energy Expands
Alpha Energy expands to U.S.
EOXLive Markets
Launches EOXLive Markets
Top Broker
Voted top broker in four Energy Risk Rankings categories
Broker of the Year
Recognized as 2016 “Broker of the Year” by EnergyRisk
Crude Oil Options Desk
Alpha Energy forms crude oil options desk
P&P Oil Forms
P&P oil forms middle distillate desk in London
Broker of the Year
Recognized as 2017 “Broker of the Year” by EnergyRisk, for second consecutive year
Oil Brokerage
Acquires Oil Brokerage
Top North American Natural Gas Broker
Choice! Natural Gas voted top North American natural gas broker
One Millionth Transaction
OTC Global Holdings’ EOXLive brokers one millionth transaction
Broker of the Year
OTC Global Holdings recognized as 2019 “Broker of the Year” by EnergyRisk for a fourth year
European Natural Gas
OTC Global Holdings launches European Natural Gas & Power Forward Curves powered by EOXLive
Top 10 Industry CEOs
Co-CEOs Javier Loya and Joe Kelly recognized as Top 10 Industry CEOs by Industry Era Magazine
Dubai Opens
OTC Global Holdings office in Dubai opens
European Ethanol Desk
OTC Europe/Ion Energy Launches European Ethanol Desk
Broker of the Year
OTC Global Holdings recognized as 2022 “Broker of the Year” by Energy Risk for the fifth year
Fuel Strategic Growth
OTCGH secures $55 Million Loan to Fuel Strategic Growth
OB Shipping in Europe
OTCGH/OB launch OB Shipping in Europe
OTC Logistics
OTC Logistics Launches office in Turkey and hires a General Manager to drive 5-year expansion plan
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