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Data available via email, FTP or select 3rd party data distributors

Market data reports cover nearly all asset classes brokered through OTCGH member firms. The data offering was designed to provide timely, accurate, and consistent data for usage in pre-trade analysis, mark-to-market valuation, and trade reconciliation. A unique feature of the market data product(s) is the fusion of trades, quotes, and public information that is then processed by an algorithm to produce granular and unbiased data.

Model Run Times

  • 6:45 am CT (12:45 pm GMT) – European and Asian product run*
  • 10:00 am CT (4:00 pm GMT) – early production run, all products*
  • 12:00 pm CT (6:00 pm GMT) – mid-day production run, all products*
  • 2:30 pm CT (8:30 pm GMT) – main production run, all products*
  • 4:00 pm CT (10:00 pm GMT) – late production run, all products*

Data Offerings Availible:

  • 118 North American Natural Gas Basis Locations
  • 182 North American Electricity Locations
  • 7 European Natural Gas Fixed Price Locations
  • 17 European Electricity Locations
  • 29 North American Nat. Gas Implied Volatility Locations
  • 14 North American Power Implied Volatility Locations
  • 15 North American Nat. Gas/Electricity Correlations
  • 152 North American Electricity Heat Rates
  • Henry Hub Implied Vols (Hourly Intra-Day)
  • 48 NGL & Petrochemical/Olefin Products
  • 270 Global Refined Products/Products
  • 93 Global Crude Oil Locations/Grades
  • 15 Global Coal Locations/Grades

Market Data Products Include:

Why subscribe to market data at OTC Global?

The market data offering is used by companies ranging from small retail electricity providers to global integrated energy producers. The product meets the requirements of businesses of varying scale and need by providing timely delivery and consistent data. Customer uses include pre-trade analysis, valuation, and post trade reconciliation. Responsive customer service and support are included to ensure timely consumption of data in fast paced industries.

Additional benefits of OTC Global Market Data include:

  • Post-trade settlements
  • Hedging opportunities
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • A comprehensive market view
  • Easy ways to evaluate energy costs
  • Market trend discovery tools
  • Price discovery tools
  • Risk management tools
  • 3rd party validation
  • Reliable mark to market valuation

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